Tripod of Suspense Storytelling

Insightful article about the three structures that can keep your audience engaged regardless of whether you are writing a genre film, a comedy or a drama. Good to be reminded of the power of: Suspense Surprise Curiosity  


German Expressionism & Cinema

Our upcoming production THE LAST MOON is heavily influenced by German Expressionism from a visual standpoint. While looking for pictures to compile a lookbook for his film Sean came across two interesting articles on the subject:

To write a low budget film think SITUATION!

I have recently come across this interesting article by Carson Reeves on Scriptshadow where he discusses Militia (which is a Black List script I enjoyed reading) and if you want to make a low or micro-budget film the best thing is to come up with a compelling SITUATION – a life-changing moment set in one location. Ok, what are some … Continue reading To write a low budget film think SITUATION!

Hone your pitch before you write.

Boileau, a French poet and critic, said, “An idea well conceived presents itself clearly, and words to express it come readily”. The same applies to the art of pitching your story. Learn how to pitch your idea and capture your friends' attention before you commit weeks, months (sometimes years!) to developing your story further. The task might … Continue reading Hone your pitch before you write.

3 things we can learn from the Master of Suspense

We are big fans of Hitchcock's work at Frenzy Films (we recently watched "The Rope" and "Lifeboat" again, oh boy do they stand the test of time...) so we absolutely loved this vide-essay which heightens three key elements of the films of the Master of Suspense: Pure Cinema (remember the opening of Rear Window?) Suspense … Continue reading 3 things we can learn from the Master of Suspense