This week-end we were invited to a panel on the Art of Making Low Budget Sci-Fi Films at the inaugural Berlin Sci-Fi FilmFest at the wonderful Babylon Cinema in the city that gave birth to “Metropolis”. It was great to discuss hard sci-fi versus philosophical sci-fi and what can be achieved on a no-to-low budget.

With that in mind, here a list of films made on a shoestring or on modest budgets for all the filmmakers aspiring to delve into the genre:



2 thoughts on “The Art of Low-Budget Sci Fi Filmmaking

  1. If you look at an old archival sci-fi from the 70s (I found Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women on archive.org) that is objectively bad, it has a quirk that still beckons you to watch it. If I were to make a low budget sci-fi, I’d love to influence it with the markably low-budget nostalgia you get from older films. All done with endearment to previous generations of course.

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